Facts You Need To Know Before Buying Anal Hooks

It’s no secret that anal sex and BDSM go together like peanut butter and jelly! But, as always, anal play and BDSM take some prep work. If you’re looking into anal hooks for all sorts of new BDSM scenarios or simply some mild experimentation, it’s best to start slowly and do some research first.

Take a look at the essential facts you need to know before buying anal hooks!

The Purpose of Anal Hooks

Firstly, hooks are among the most intense toys for BDSM anal play and bondage. They draw a clear line between pleasure and pain, which makes them infinitely hot!

Essentially, an anal hook is crafted out of a piece of curved metal, such as stainless steel. There is a large steel ball on the insertion end. The other end contains a loop or a fixing ring. This loop allows you to attach a tethered rope, strap, or similar BDSM equipment. That way, you can tie up your partner’s wrists, ankles, as well as other body parts and connect them to the hook for maximum submission.

For example, in most cases, the metal hook is inserted into a slave’s anus while they are positioned on their knees. The curved shape aligns with the slave’s back, while the tethered rope is placed around the neck.

Overall, hooks are highly popular with any type of BDSM rough bondage, punishment, and painplay. The hook can stimulate the internal sphincter, the male prostate, and the female G-spot. It’s also possible to use it together with other toys or accessories such as vibrators, ball gags, nipple clamps, etc.

Having a Safe Word Is Important

As with any BDSM activity, it’s vital to gain the consent of your sub. Even if you’re not into extreme forms of dominance and submission, you could lose self-control. With anal play, it’s essential to take it slowly.

If you intend to make the most out of your anal hook, you need to establish a safe word. This safe word will stop you from going overboard. For those in the master role, a safe word will prevent you from causing physical and psychological harm to your partner. Even if you’re not striking or flogging your slave and are just using the anal hook for pleasurable anal play or even DP, a safe word will help you avoid any miscommunication.

Anal Hooks Must Not Cause You Pain

While some people prefer to use hooks for painplay, the sensation it produces should not cause internal pain. The receiver should never experience discomfort from the hook alone.

However, during insertion, the ball will stretch you or your partner out at first. That could cause a mildly painful sensation. But, once it’s fully pushed into the anus, there shouldn’t be any pain. Thus, you should treat it just like any other anal toy and use it with care. For example, the receiver’s asshole should be prepped with fingers or other toys. That will get them ready for the hook. The cold steel could also cause mild discomfort at first. However, as with any other metal toy, it will warm up once inserted and will turn that discomfort into pleasure.

Choosing the Right Type of Hook

There are many various types of hooks, but they generally share a similar design. Most hooks have a J or U shape as well as the traditional fixing ring/ball end configuration. Usually, the ball can have a diameter of 1 to 1.5 inches or more. As for the length, the average hook is around five inches long. And due to the variety of different hook styles, you’ll have no trouble finding the one that suits your needs best.

For instance, some hooks allow you to detach the ball and swap it out with a larger one. Others have multiple balls (spaced out or grouped). These are similar to anal beads. It’s also possible to find different ball shapes such as those that have a conical shape for easier insertion. You can also use a hook without a ball, but only if it has a rounded tip. This kind is best for beginners. Another fantastic choice for newbies would be a silicone anal hook. This material is not as hard as steel and is much more comfortable for the rectum.

Furthermore, hooks can contain various attachments, most importantly, cock cages or rings. They can also include chastity devices for the vagina. Such variants are perfect for those who are into chastity play and bondage. Lastly, you could also choose a hook with a different rod or stem design (spins or curves) for unique sensations. For a reference of what a good anal hooks should be, go to LG and browse through their collections.

Different Ways to Use Anal Hooks in BDSM Play

The way you use this toy is entirely up to you. If you’re into hardcore BDSM, painplay, dominance, humiliation, predicament bondage, and rough anal hook sex, this accessory will be invaluable to you. But, as mentioned previously, you can also use it for milder kinks. That includes regular anal play, anal training, double penetration, prostate milking, G-spot stimulation, etc.

However, for BDSM play, the most crucial feature of the hook is that it is quite unforgiving. It does not bend or flex. It forces the receiver to remain still and motionless. As mentioned earlier, the common way to use the hook is to attach a rope to the loop and tie that rope around the sub’s neck, wrists, or ankles. That means the sub will be left at the mercy of the dominant partner. And there are so many ways in which you could take it from there!

For instance, you could introduce flogging, whipping, hot wax, etc. Remember, you can literally do anything to your immobilized slave, as long as they are comfortable with it.

Imagine, let’s say, a blowjob scenario. The sub could be hooked with a rope around their neck, and, as they are forced to suck the partner’s cock, the ropes would pinch them. They would feel a pull from the hook inside their anus. Can you think of a hotter BDSM scene?

Another thing to try would be to improve the sub’s orgasm with the ball by removing it at the point of climax. You can also use the hook to immobilize your sub and tease or stimulate their genitals with sex toys. If your bottom is female, don’t hesitate to try double penetration for the ultimate submission scenario!

Cleaning Your Anal Hook After Each Use

It’s imperative to maintain any sex toy. Luckily, the cleaning process is quite straightforward for a metal anal hook. You can use soap and warm water. It’s also possible to find a special cleaner for ass hooks that will make things even easier.

The reason you should cleanse your hook after each session is to maintain hygiene. Namely, it can contract all sorts of anal bacteria. Thus, it’s best to stay safe and wash it immediately after use. Moreover, you should always use a lubricant. But, with it, the hook will become messy. Also, you should never leave it unwashed after use as this can not only jeopardize your health but can also damage your toy. So keep your hook clean and polished for each anal bondage session!


Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our anal hook guide and have gotten some kinky new ideas on how to use one. Before you choose your new anal hook, remember the facts we’ve mentioned and have fun!